How to know if a job change will improve your personal and family life

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When a worker decides to change jobs, one of the main reasons is economic. This is very easy to quantify. You look at the annual gross you are charging and compare what they offer you. From here you know if you improve in economic terms or not. But there are also other factors that account, including how the change of employment affects personal and family life.

To do this before letting us take only a numerical question, it is important to ask some questions to know what repercussion this change of company will have. If we do not have a family, the decision can be simpler, there is less involved because of what a change of work means.

Reconciliation and logistics, aspects to assess in the change of work

One of the questions to assess is how much time we invest in moving to the new company. Also how much it costs us. If in the end you charge more, but going to work means a higher outlay, that difference will have to be subtracted. It is important to consider the time invested in said displacement, possibilities of parking or going by public transport, etc.

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The schedule is another important aspect. In addition to knowing the duration of the day, it is important to check whether or not there is a reduction in the schedule in the summer or if the Friday leaves earlier. Present is a factor to be taken into account. It is somewhat complicated to know when we discuss the conditions in the interview, but it does not hurt to take it into account.

The change does not always have to be better. It is necessary to consider many aspects besides the economic

The schedule also determines if we eat at the company or we can go home. In case of eating in the office, if we have dining room or have restaurant checks … or we have to look for a place nearby to eat every day.

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Finally, we must ask how a change in employment affects the rest of the family. If it is already usual to coordinate and balance to see who picks up the children or brings them to school, the conciliation policy of the new company can be a point to take into account. A change of schedule, of work center many times implies a serious upheaval for the family logistics.

The possibility of teleworking on an occasional basis or having a bank of hours is always an option in favor of changing jobs. It is one of the best ways to save unforeseen personal and family circumstances. In the opposite direction, hyper connection can cause us some problems, because they are hanging at all hours of the company’s telephone.

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Personal happiness

Finally we have to see how change affects us personally. Having more responsibilities, more possibilities for professional development or a more relaxed work environment simply brings us home with a lower level of stress.

We are happier at a professional level and this is also reflected in our personal life. It is a very complicated value to quantify and nevertheless it is fundamental when facing the day to day in the company. We know the work environment in our current company, but it is not so easy to touch it in which we have made the new offer.

In any case, with the decision we make and if we are not completely convinced, we can always try to raise it in our current company to know if we could raise the salary or improve the conditions. Sometimes employees are only valued when they are already considered lost and we start looking for a substitute.

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