How to warm up a cold home with decoration

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Some homes are just cold, no matter how hard you try to warm them up. It is not always possible to install loft or wall insulation, especially for those renting their homes. So, what are some tricks and tips to warm up a home by decorating and not having to turn up the thermostat?


One of the quickest, easiest and most economical ways to get some warmth into a property that has wooden or laminate floors is to purchase some luxurious, thick rugs. Wooden floors and ceramic tiles can feel very uncomfortable in the cold winter months, especially for those who don’t have the luxury of underfloor heating. A few strategically placed thick decadent rugs will keep the chill off your feet and make a room feel instantly more cosy and warm. Look for rugs with a high knot count as these have greater insulating properties.

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The way we dress our windows can have a big impact on how draughty our home feels. Consider the benefits of thermal window dressings that will keep the cold breezes out and help to keep your energy costs down as well. Thermal blinds and curtains are simple to install and can drastically improve the heat retention in a room. Look for any kind of window dressing that is labelled as thermal or insulating.


The colours we choose for our walls, furniture and accessories can have a big impact on how warm and inviting a space feels. Warm colours include reds, oranges, yellows, pinks and browns. Avoid shades that are cooler such as pastel blues, whites and pastel greens. Darker colours do have the effect of making a space feel more closed in, which isn’t ideal for small rooms but if you want snug cosiness, rich warm tones will greatly benefit a colder home. Before you paint, consider fixing up damaged walls by contacting Plasterers Gloucester like


You might not think that accessories can make much difference but you’d be surprised at how cosy they can make a space feel. Sumptuous fabrics and rich colours for things like cushions, throws and pillows can make a space feel snuggly and special. Consider switching to flannel sheets on the bed during the colder months for some extra snuggly warmth during the night. If you have a ceiling fan in the bedroom, did you know that if you reverse the direction settings, you can push warmer air downwards? Add some extra throws and blankets and you might not even have to put the heating on!

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Hanging fabrics

Did you know that one third of the heat you pay for could be lost through your walls? If you suffer from cold walls, consider hanging tapestries as a good insulating method. Older properties in particular can suffer with this issue as wall insulation might be inadequate. Hanging beautiful tapestries will not only add to the overall decor theme of your space but will also help to retain the heat and not let it escape through walls.

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