10 tips for small kitchens

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Every day the houses are smaller, which means that we have to continually play with new resources to decorate each room. Now it’s the turn of the small kitchens.

Color is always

color is always our great ally when it comes to taking advantage of light and space in the kitchen. In this case the white must dominate the decoration and the coatings to enhance these two qualities. If we want a classic or rustic touch we can start with pickling and lacquer for the small kitchens.

The tile has lost

The title has lost its supremacy as a coating in the kitchen to give way to plastic paintings and wallpapers. If we want to continue giving a feeling of spaciousness we can put tiles up to half height and then use another color or texture. With this, we are going to make the ceilings always look higher.

The new materials

The new materials used for countertops give us many more possibilities when playing with color. If we opt for compact quartz we must move away from the dark and striking tones (strong oranges, blacks, fuchsias) in favor of whites.

small kitchen
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Appliances little

Appliances little by little have been reinvented until they integrate perfectly with the rest of the furniture. This type of options is interesting to plan the kitchen in a more practical way and save space by having everything measured from zero.


Continuing with many appliances now integrate double functions to help us save space. For example, we can find a microwave that also acts as an oven or a washer and dryer.

Closing the chapter

Finally, closing the chapter on household appliances, with the bells that are increasingly important. If we have a small floor and we have integrated the kitchen in the living room to gain amplitude we must look and study well the power of it (in addition to its design) to avoid that the odors reach the rest of the house.

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If we have few cabinets

If we have few cabinets, space and order in the kitchen become precious goods. Therefore we must take advantage of each drawer and shelf with containers that help us to have everything in order, try to dispense with superfluous utensils and use some appliances such as the oven to store the pans or pots.

The walls

The walls are also perfect for ordering some household items, knives, the spice … Some firms such as IKEA or Brabantia have launched complete set for the wall that can give us a lot of game and ideas to take better advantage of the area of the worktop.

We know that

We know that the ideal is to have a double-sinks sink, but if we have little space on the countertop we can choose a simpler and smaller and then put a dry folding dishes that does not take up any space.

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The office is always

The office is always essential in the kitchen if we do not have space to put a table with chairs we can resort to breakfast bars or folding tables.




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