Haunted Swansea – The Spooky Secrets of this Seaside City

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Swansea is a beautiful part of the country. It is most famed for its stunning beaches, stretching out along the Gower making this one of the most picturesque stretches of coastline in Britain. As well as this it has plenty of modern facilities for shopping, and businesses like this web design Swansea company https://www.accent-adc.co.uk/service/web-design-swansea/ – but despite the hustle and bustle of holiday makers and it’s modern facilities, Swansea has a long history and many ancient landmarks. As we head towards Halloween, discover Swansea’s spooky stories…

Oystermouth Castle – The beautiful Norman castle that overlooks the bay near the village of Mumbles is a favourite tourist attraction. But it also is known to have its fair share of spooky stories. Built in the early 12th Century by William de Londres, it is not surprising that a building so old and full of history has spooky stories to tell. The white lady is probably the most famous phantom of the castle – said to be the spirit of Alina de Mowbray, the eldest daughter of the Lord of Gower. She has been seen by visitors on many occasions, walking through the castle grounds and walls of the building, dressed in white and silently sobbing. Many witnesses also report that her back is covered in marks that appear to have been made by a whip.

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Rhossili Bay – This stunning area of coastline is one of the most stunning beaches in Britain and families flock here in the summer months to enjoy the sun and the sea. However, it is also the place where you may run into some ghostly goings on. The beach itself is home to at least two spirits – that of the Reverend John Lucas, who appears on his horse, galloping across the sandy beach at night. Squire Mansell is another reported sighting who shares the haunting of this beach – he is seen looking for gold under the sand as he makes his way across the beach in a carriage pulled by four phantom horses. If you head here on a stormy night, you may see both ghosts as they make their way across the beach.

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Swansea Grand Theatre – The glittering Swansea grand theatre has seen many legendary stars perform on its stage. From Ivor Novello to Anthony Hopkins, it is a great place to go and enjoy a show. However, there is another performer there who has been reported to dress in white and appear to theatre-goers occasionally. The spirit is known only as Jenny, and she is believed to have once been an actress working at the theatre. She appeared there over 100 years ago in a show, before shortly afterwards heading off on a trip onboard the Titanic. It is said that you can tell she is there or has been there by the smell of violets that she leaves in her wake.

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