How Do People Celebrate Bar Mitzvah?

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As someone invited to attend a Bar Mitzvah, you might be wondering how people celebrate such an occasion. There are several traditions and customs surrounding this milestone in a young Jewish person’s life, but the most popular are presented in this article. First, you should know that it is customary to give money as a gift. Although it is customary to give money to a Jewish boy or girl who has reached the age of bar or bat mitzvah, it is also acceptable to give other gifts on their behalf. For Bar Mitzvah Cards, consider Cazenova Judaica, a retailer of Jewish gifts and Bar Mitzvah Cards.

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Another custom is giving sweets to celebrate the ceremony. While sweets aren’t actually considered Jewish, it’s not unusual for a boy to receive a small bag of sweets. The bar or bat mitzvah celebration is a momentous occasion in a boy or girl’s life. Whether it’s a personal service or a large public celebration, this ritual marks the transition from childhood to adulthood. Parents recite blessings and thank their child for taking on the responsibility of Jewish life. The portion of Torah that is read at the ceremony will remain in the child’s memory for life, and children sometimes have the honour of reading it every year to mark the occasion.

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As the child prepares to take on the responsibilities of being an adult, his parents invite his family and friends to witness his ordination in the Jewish faith. During the ceremony, the father usually calls the child to the Torah for aliyah, reading from the raised portion of the synagogue. He also says a blessing for the child’s responsibility.


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