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One of the most frequent questions we receive from users in our Forum , is how to know if our ordinance is infected by some type of computer virus ( Malware ) or not? What are the most common keys or symptoms? to take into account ? , especially, to any abnormal behavior that is present.

To answer this question, we have compiled a list that we want to share with you, with the ten main and possible visible symptoms of infection. Even though today most computer threats are prepared to go unnoticed, they still leave a trace on our computer such as slowness or lack of Internet connection.

The 10 possible symptoms of Malwares infection can be:

 My computer talks to me.

all kinds of pop-ups and messages appear on the desktop. Here it could be a spyware or a fake antivirus or Ransomware.

 The PC goes tremendously slow.

Although there are several possible reasons , it may be the case that a Trojan is performing tasks that consume resources.

Applications do not start.

It is an indication of infection, although it may be another failure.

 I can not connect to the Internet or connect, but I navigate very slowly.

Malware could be making calls, stealing bandwidth.

I can not connect to the Internet
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 When you connect to the Internet, many windows open or the browser displays unsolicited pages.

This is an unequivocal sign of infection, as some threats are intended to redirect traffic to certain sites.

 Where have my files gone?

They have a new extension and can not be opened. There are types of Malware designed to erase information or encrypt it to request a ransom payment for it.

 My antivirus has disappeared, my Firewall is disabled.

Some threats are designed to disable the installed security system

my Firewall is disabled.
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My computer speaks to me in a strange language.

The PC may be infected if the languages ​​of the applications are changed or the screen is turned inside out.

 I’m missing libraries and other files to run applications.

This may also be a clue.

 I am missing libraries
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My PC has gone crazy.

If the team performs actions on its own, such as connecting to the Internet or sending emails, the cause may be a threat.

Although we believe that we have a secure PC with certain protection programs, if we have any of these symptoms, it is very likely that some malware has broken those barriers, so it is recommended to ask for second opinions such as a ” Virus Scan Online”. “Or by installing alternative security applications to those we already have.





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