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Mobiles every day help us in more things. They serve as an alarm to wake us up, calendar to look at dates or point out plans, are our calculator, our flashlight, our camera and video, our portable video game console, our sports assistant, … And besides all that let us call!

Are you looking for the best Android applications to customize your Smartphone to your liking and that apps make your life more fun and practical? We have what you are looking for in this selection with the essential Google Play apps . Most of them are free, so do not hesitate to consult our entire list until you find and download the ones you need.

Camera ZOOM FX  android application

As mobile phones have become the new cameras, we started the list with the best application to take pictures. It has many ways and features that will bring your mobile to semi-professional compact cameras.

Among its most notable features are a digital zoom of 6 increases, white balance, improved night shot, shot with voice control or a practical Burst mode, which can take up to 20 photos per second. And of course, being an app, with a single click we can share our photos on WhatsApp and social networks.

HootSuite android application

If social networks are passionate and you are an active user in more than one, this app is essential in your Smartphone. It is one of the best Android network management applications, and it will save you a lot of time. With it you will be able to comfortably manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and even LinkedIn profiles. It is one of the best android application.

With it you can not only manage all your profiles, but you can also monitor the actions you perform on your social profiles. You can also schedule publications. You have a free option that allows you to manage up to 3 profiles. If you want more, there is a paid version.

If in addition to this social media management app, you want to know all the social networks that have official Android application, visit our publication with the best social networks Android .

Tinytunes android application

The mobile phone has also become our music player and we all carry in it our entire music library. And not only that, but through the same Smartphone and download our favorite songs.

If you are looking for the best program for downloading music on Android, after trying many of them, we will remain without hesitation with Tinytunes, an application that is not officially on Google Play, but that is reliable and that has a huge music catalog. And you can, in a simple way, find your favorite songs by song title, artist or album.

This is the one we like the most, but it is not the only one. If you do not find any song you are looking for, you can search it in the other apps that we show you in the section of the best Android applications to download music .

uTorrent for Android android application

If movies are your passion and your mobile has also become your video player when you travel or when you have dead hours on the street, you’re sure to know the best application to download movies on Android.

Sure you hear uTorrent, since it is the best Torrent download program for PC. Well, we are lucky that they also have an official application to download movies and videos from Android phones or tablets. The way to do it is the same as in the computer: add your torrents and automatically the uTorrent app will download the movie, series or what you want on your mobile. It is one of the best android application.

However, it is not the only app of its kind. If you want alternatives, see what we consider the best applications to download movies .

Afterlight android application

In the list before we saw a photo camera application, but what do we do if a photo does not just like us as it has? For this the apps to edit photos are perfect. From the same mobile we can adjust a lot of aspects, as long as the app is as good as Afterlight, one of the best of Google Play.

With Afterlight we can retouch a lot of parameters of any photo in a simple way. We have functionalities as practical as applying any of its almost 60 filters, using more than 65 different textures, balancing the white balance, transform, rotate, remove red eyes, … An easy-to-use professional app!

If you want to see what other options you can find in Google Play to edit photos, read the selection with the best applications to edit photos .

Poweramp Music Player android application

We used to see apps to download music from Android. If what you are looking for is a good music player to listen to your favorite songs, for us the best of them is Poweramp Music Player. It is one of the best, the most stable and the most functional.

With it you can listen to music on your mobile without the operation of it being affected in the slightest. And among its many features you will find some as practical as 10-band graphic equalizer, possibility to see (and search) the lyrics of songs, and customization options such as widgets and themes. It’s not free, but the little money it costs, it’s worth paying.

If you still do not want to pay and look for free alternatives, look for them in our article of the best Android music players .

Edmondo android application

Going to run with the mobile is one of the things that I appreciate the most technology. Thanks to him I can know the distance I do, the times I’m doing in real time, I can share my brands with my friends, I compete with them and with people from the world, and I even have a personal “animator” that gives me encouragement while I make my trips. It is one of the best android application.

And all this is possible because I use the Edmondo app, one of the best running apps on Google Play. It has a community with more than 25 million users, and they share their routes, times, etc. Thanks to that, I have discovered new routes in my city.

If you want to know alternative app to these, there are others that are also fantastic. Read our article on Android running best apps and find out if there is one that best suits your tastes.

Video Player for Android android application

“How do I watch my favorite movies? The mobile app does not play many of the videos I have. ” I ask this question a lot. And I always answer the same: the best application to play videos on mobile or Android tablet is Video Player.

At design level it is not the best, I admit it. But it is effective as no, because it reproduces all kinds of formats, from the almost disappeared RMVB to the barely known TS. And to be even better, you can also synchronize subtitles. Has it all!

Are you looking for another type of app less versatile but more pleasing to the eye? Check this article in top of apps to see videos that we have prepared.

Educational games for children android application

The mobile is also a good tool for our children to learn. Many times they ask us for a phone to entertain themselves with, so the best thing is that we always have an educational app for the children.

This one that we show you is the best we’ve found on Google Play. It is the one we like the most of the many we have tried, and the one that is most updated with new activities. There is a bit of everything: puzzles, animal sounds, relaxing music, fun games, memory activities and even mazes.

If you do not want to have only one on your mobile to have more variety, look for the other good apps that you select in the section of the best Android educational applications .

Kindle android application

Are you a Kindle user but sometimes in your dead times away from home you also read with your mobile phone? In that case the official Kindle app will love you, because it is designed so that at all times you have your books available.

This app we love for its Whispersync system, which allows us to synchronize our readings with all our devices. From anywhere we can follow our interesting reading, whether we have the Kindle or not.

If you are not a Kindle user but you are looking for apps to read on Android, do not miss our top apps to read books .

Flipboard android application

Do not want to miss any publication of your favorite media? Do you want to be able to read all the posts that you publish in a very comfortable magazine format? In that case you have to download the Flipboard application, one of the essential Android apps.

We will customize the information we want to show us, whether news or specific portal entries. And the app will show it to us in a magazine format, to consult it quickly and conveniently. It also incorporates a widget to have everything even more at hand.

However, if you are looking for news apps as such, we have prepared a top with the best Android news applications .

Google Maps android application

The mobile is the substitute of the maps of all the life and of the GPS that took a time with us. Now with the same phone we already have a precise GPS that takes us everywhere. That’s why we think that another of the essential apps that can not be missing from your phone is Google Maps.

With this app you will not only arrive at your destination in the shortest possible time, but it will inform you of alternative routes, it will show you possible accidents that may be in the selected route, we can create preferred routes, … And since it is from Google, it is constantly learning and will adapt to our needs like no other. It is one of the best android application.

However, there are equally interesting alternatives to know. You can check our selection in the section that we prepared with the best Android GPS applications .

SkyScanner android application

Do you like to travel and are you always consulting websites to find flights on offer? Android has many apps of this type, but one of the ones we like the most is SkyScanner. 30 million users use it every day around the world, and that’s saying a lot.

Why is it so good? Because it is a search engine centralizer in which we can find last minute flights or low cost flights easily and with the best prices guaranteed. You can also filter by results, tell them to show you cheap flights anywhere, and you can search for flights around the world.

If you want another kind of services to prepare a trip, visit our selection of the best travel Android apps .

BlaBlaCar android application

If you travel by car and want to save on gas, there are many Android applications that allow you to find other users to share a car. Of all of them, the best one is BlaBlaCar. Surely you’ve heard of her.

At the user level, look for the destination you want to do indicating your city of origin, and you will get all the trips you can get on and the price that will cost you. And if you want to drive yourself, create your route and indicate the people you can take. Fast, simple and intuitive. And it will save you a lot of money on gas!

Airbnb android application

Another essential application if we want to save money. With Airbnb we save money by renting our vacation accommodation. We can find accommodations of all kinds, from whole apartments to just one room. Also chalets, penthouses, studios, …

This app puts us in contact with landlords around the world who offer their homes to rent them for as long as we need, from one day to weeks or months. The app shows us what each house includes, photos of it, we can quickly contact the landlord, … We have rentals at home around the world. It is one of the best android application.

Zedge android application

Personalizing a mobile is something that many of us look for. And to do it the best application is, by far, Zedge. In it we can find almost everything to give a personal touch to our phone. And all your resources are free!

In the Zedge app you can find themes for mobile, wallpapers and backgrounds, music and ringtones, games, …. It is renewed almost every day with hundreds of new resources, and people vote to indicate the best.

If what you are looking for is just an app to customize the background of your mobile, there are some more special ones that you can find in our section of the best wallpapers apps for Android .

Duolingo android application

If you want an app to learn English from your Android, Duolingo is the best one for which you can choose. 100% free, it is a very didactic and intuitive app, which facilitates the learning of the language. The more you learn, the more you level up, in a way similar to that of a game.

More advantages of his is that he is also to learn other languages, such as French or Portuguese. Always free, and through our Android phone or tablet. It is one of the best android application.

However, it is not the only one. And there are also very good ones. I recommend that you review our article with the best Android applications to learn Google Play languages , so you can choose the one that is best for you.

Baby Center, my pregnancy day by day android application

Another app that is essential for moms around the world. The very name of the app already lets us give us an idea of ​​what it offers us. With Baby Center, my pregnancy day by day we will learn more about the stage in which our baby is, and we will take better control of pregnancy.

We just have to tell you the estimated date of delivery, and it will automatically calculate the state of our baby, and ours. With changes we will experience, other users’ experiences, tips to keep us healthy, etc.

All in perfect Castilian. There are many and very good health apps on Android. Read our top of the best Google Play Health apps .

Timely – Alarm Clock android application

The mobile has been our favorite alarm clock for years. From the first mobile phones, the function of the alarm was gradually replacing the classic models. But now, with Smartphones, everything has been modernized and incorporate many features. And one of our favorites is Timely – Wake up.

What’s wrong with it? First, a very nice design we’ve seen on Google Play. You also have an alarm clock to which you can put several tests that you will have to do to make it go out. Ideal for the laziest. You can also put the function “Soft awakening”, which will gradually sound higher and higher for the awakening to be as natural as possible. It is one of the best android application.

And it’s totally free! Even so, if you want to look for another type of alarm clock, in the selection of the best alarm clocks and alarms Android you will find apps of the most curious. There are those that control our sleep cycles, others that inform us of the state of time.




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