What should you check before buying a used car?

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Used cars.  Second-hand cars. Call them as you want, but the purchase of pre-owned vehicles is a great option if you do not have a high budget to buy a new car. And why not? A used car can be a great opportunity to buy that particular model that you love, but you can only afford to buy it at a resale price. Or maybe you are not interested in paying the monthly installments of a new car and prefer to pay in cash.buying a used car is cost effecting.

Whatever your reasons, we want to tell you that finding a pre-owned car with the best quality has nothing to do with luck, but with careful research and observation skills. Understanding what you are looking for buying used car will help you save on costly repairs, so it is better to know what to inspect when buying a second-hand car and follow a couple of recommendations. Here are some of our tips to make the best purchase:

Do your research on pre-owned cars

Make sure you look for models that have proven their reliability on the road. Check the websites specialized in cars. When doing a background investigation, you will find specific points about the virtues and weaknesses of the car, so take note and pay attention in those areas when you perform the inspection. It is also a good time to investigate the resale value in the market.buying a used car  is cost effecting.


Whenever possible, ask a mechanic to accompany you to an inspection of the pre-owned car. Perform the inspection in broad daylight. The car must also be on a level surface, and it should not have been driven at least one hour before the inspection.


It is natural that the exterior of a car has some small imperfections, since it absorbs everything: from bad weather, the sun and even small accidents with bad drivers. This is what you have to inspect when you buy a used car:buying used car

Aesthetic form

Look for dents, scratches or rusty spots in the car. The condition of the painting must be uniform, so signs of undulation indicate that some painting work has been done. Another indication that has been painted is the roughness along the edges, it is adhesive tape residue, usually used when painting a car.


Check for cracks or dented areas. Tiny scratches or deterioration in the windows are not a concern, although they can be used as a negotiating point to reduce the price of the vehicle. However, cracks in the windshield will get worse over time, so this could become a long-term problem.


Make sure the car is on a level surface and then press on each of the corners with force to check that the suspension reacts correctly. The car must make a single bounce, and if it continues to move from top to bottom, then the car has suspension problems.


Look at the reflectors to make sure they are not cracked. Ask a friend to help you confirm if all the lights are working correctly.


The tires must match the level of wear. If the wear is severe on the inside or outside of the wheels, it is a sign that the driver has not rotated the wheels.

Check the outside of the front tires, as severe wear indicates that the driver has forced the car too hard. buying a used car is cost effecting.

Exhaust system

Check for leaks in the exhaust system looking for black spots. If you feel a slight film of grease when placing your fingers inside the exhaust, it is a bad sign. Another bad sign is white steam (do not do this when the weather is cold) that comes out of the exhaust when you start the car.buying a used car is cost effecting.


The interior of a car is extremely important since that is where you will spend most of the time. Here are the things to check in the used car you want to buy:buying used car


Check the smell as soon as you open the door. Does it have a moldy smell? If so, then there is a possible water leak somewhere. Look for wet spots to find the source of the leak.buying a used car is cost effecting.

Keep in mind that it is difficult to get rid of the smell in the cabin, and you might have to spend a lot on it. The best option would be to find another car that does not have this type of detail.


Make sure you try all the seats inside the car. Check if the upholstery is worn. Do not forget to try the seat belts and seat adjustments, just to make sure they are working and do not need repairs.


Cars that have little mileage show no brake wear. If you notice that the rubber is worn, it is likely that the car has had a lot of use . buying used car is cost effecting.

Controls and instrumentation

When you are doing the auto inspection, check if the controls are working properly. Turn the ignition switch without starting the engine, and check if all warning lights appear for a few seconds and then turn off once the engine starts.

Test all the levers, buttons and switches to see if they work properly. It is also important to check the heaters and the air conditioning.

Sound system

Turn on the entertainment system and listen to the radio reception. Check all controls, and CD, MP3 and iPod players. Also, test the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections of the car (if the car has them).


The roof can easily show signs of wet spots. However, the most important thing is water leaks, because it means there is a hole somewhere. If the car has a sunroof, check if it opens and closes correctly. Also, check if it is well sealed when it closes.buying a used car is cost effecting.

Under the chest

The engine is the heart of a vehicle, so it must always be in good condition. It is not a good sign to find engines with oil in them or that leave oil stains on the pavement. This is what you should look for in a used car engine:

Motor fluids

The motor oil is normally brown or black without particles or debris. The honey-colored ones show that the oil has recently been changed. The transmission fluid should not have “burned” odors and should have a pink, not brown, hue. The signs of problems are: visible metal particles, water droplets, gray or frothy oil on the dipstick, among others.

The radiators

They must have a greenish or orange color, not rusty or milky. If the radiator shows green spots, this is a sign of possible leaks.

At the end

Once you have done the inspection of the pre-owned car that you want to buy, do not close the deal yet. Test the vehicle and verify how it works on the road. Check if you have strange sounds, as these can be indicators of a much larger problem that can not be seen with the naked eye.

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