Honda CR-V Amplitude and solidity in large doses

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The Honda CR-V is the largest SUV of Honda.Within this category, it is located in the highest zone by price and size.

honda cr-v
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Range of engines of the Honda CR-V

The smallest diesel engine is also the most sold. Thanks to its smooth and linear power delivery and record consumption for such a large car . Its power is enough to move the car with some ease and few drivers will miss more cavalry for family travel. Although logically it lacks sports pretensions. The 120 hp diesel can not incorporate integral traction.


honda cr-v inside
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Finishing levels of the Honda CR-V

The most basic finish is the so-called Comfort and can only be combined with the 120 hp diesel engine . It comes with a dual-zone climate, cruise control and Bluetooth, it is called as”price from” model. If we look for an immense car for a price, it can be  consider.

The next finish would be the Elegance Plus and the Elegance Plus Navi , which add the rain and light sensor.The HONDA Connect onboard audio and information system, front and rear parking sensors, rear view camera and roof bars. The Elegance Plus is still associated with the smaller engine . The Elegance Plus Navi to add a browser.

The following finishes would be the Lifestyle Navi , the Executive (integral leather upholstery, electric gate, panoramic roof, keyless entry and start) .

honda cr-v inside view
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Qualities and finishes of the Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V stands out for its particularly solid construction in each of its interior elements (controls, buttons, trims) . It is feeling of durability that it transmits in general. This perception of quality and solidity does not extend to the materials used. Which could be classified as medium-level plastics in the segment.

The sound of the doors is good and the feel of the controls too.Although the change of gears has a somewhat long routes that contribute to give the feeling that we drive a fairly large car. The driving position, very high, also contributes to reinforce the feeling of small bus .

honda-cr-v front view
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Honda CR-V highlights

The Honda CR-V stands out among the competition for the excellence of its diesel engines , both in performance and consumption.It is deeply practical sense in each of the details , that make it a very capable family member. It is also a comfortable and silent car , to travel without problems over long distances .

On the negative side , it should be noted on the one hand its driving feel and on the other its price.

The driving feel of the CR-V is that of a large and heavy car that has a hard time taking turns and with an excessive rolling of the body.It is a direct result of suspensions totally oriented to comfort. The steering wheel does not provide enough feedback to enjoy driving .In summary, we can say that your specialty is to circulate in a straight line.

On the side of the price, although it is subject to usual offers especially in the lower range.

Honda CR-V rear view
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Why choose a Honda CR-V?

We can recommend the Honda CR-V for all those who value above all a very spacious and comfortable car, which will last for many years without problems (maybe decades) and are willing to invest a bonus of money at the beginning change of Honda’s long-term strength.

The hunters of offers or those who value a touch of driving more dynamic and fun, better can be thinking about one of their rivals.


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