Make your fleet more efficient with these tips

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To make your business more efficient and manage your assets and cashflow in a streamlined manner, it is important to research, identify and use the many tools that are available in the marketplace. Gone are the days of simply relying on out-of-date systems to run an efficient business; today, asset visibility and collaborating with teams are amongst the most cost-effective ways to manage your business, promote your brand, and liaise directly with clients. Let’s take a look at some useful tips for making your fleet more efficient.

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Fleet management services

By investing in a product such as fleet management services, a range of efficient tools can be made available to enhance the productivity of both your fleet and your employees.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps can bridge the gap between those working in the field and those working in the office. One benefit is that vehicle records are immediately accessible via tablet or phone.


MileageCount is a smart software solution that can minimise admin costs and reduce mileage claims by 21 per cent.

Fuel card services

Using a fuel card within your fleet not only controls the purchasing of fuel but also makes finding fuel stations and convenient HGV rest areas and services easy; what’s more, special offers and live route news are constantly available. This investment has a dual purpose: making savings for the business and supporting employees whilst they are on the road.

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Some fuel cards provide an all-in package for vehicle servicing, which enables the business to plan costs in advance. MOT and service reminders can be automated, encouraging legal compliances and assisting with cashflow forecasts.

Fuel Card Services are just one of the simple solutions that can make a massive difference to the bottom line of your business


Overheads, cashflow and legal compliance can be a minefield when you are managing and marketing your brand to new clients. When you are creating your marketing campaigns, remember that your new clients want to feel confident in your brand and delivery of service, The retention of existing clients is equally as important, with investing in up to date tools and software displaying to all clients that your business is innovative, fast-moving and ready to keep developing.

Time spent researching iCloud options and updated software solutions to help with your business needs will be time well spent.

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