10 Tips for choosing and buying clothes for men

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If you are one of the men who suffer when it comes to having to buy clothes, do not suffer anymore, with the following recommendations you will not only be able buying clothes for men, but you will also save and maybe even enjoy the experience.

1.Be clear about what you want to buy

If you do not know what you are looking for, you will never find it. How many times have we not been in the difficult situation that we know we need a shirt (or pants, or a jacket or any other item), but we have not even considered what type, color or for what occasion. If you go with the clear idea of ​​what you want and need, you have the perfect start. And remember to have a purchase budget and do not overdo it. Be smart and selective.

2.Know your measurements

In the best case, we only have to choose between a girl (CH), medium (M), big (G) or extra large (XG). But what about size measurements: What are our waist measurement and pants trouser? How much do we measure neck and arms to buy shirts? How are we going when it comes to buying underwear? (here the reader can run in circles for a minute to release their desperation) Knowing our measurements is the best information we can have, so we can buy clothes that fit us properly. If you have doubts in your visit to the store for buying clothes for men, ask the sellers. And no, you do not have to feel obligated to buy just because you were helped.

3.Visit several stores and compare styles and prices

If there is something that bothers us like men is having to walk from store to store, and that’s why we ended up paying more for clothes that do not fit or feel good and then end up as work clothes. In here I refer to this tendency of us to arrive and buy the first thing we see that can work. I recommend you read it. Also, we must be aware of changes in styles (which does not imply following fashions) so as not to be pigeonholed in the past.

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4.Check the quality of the garment

Even if they are of recognized brand, the clothes have manufacturing defects. See that there are no unstitched seams, loose or missing buttons, defective zippers or holes or stains. buying clothes for men is difficult.

5.Try on the clothes

This step is very important. From manufacturer to manufacturer, a measure that on the label is the same, does not always correspond to each other. Why is this? After being in the textile industry for more than ten years, I have arrived at the healthy conclusion that they are all crazy and that they enjoy making us suffer. The truth is that they do it to save on fabric, so they cut a few centimeters here and there. So, do not buy without trying it first. Do not buy anything that fits you or too big or too small.

6.Go accompanied

To know if a garment fits us, we take the opinion of someone else. It can be a family member, a friend or a store employee. Remember that your clothes talk about you. What do you want me to say? buying clothes for men is difficult.

7.Ask for help

The shop assistants are there to assist us and help us with any doubts we may have. Take advantage of their help to make your purchase the most appropriate.

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8.If you are looking for fashion brands, you do not need to spend a fortune

Nowadays, there are countless brands of clothing that attract specific groups of buyers and continuously bring out new models. If you learn to be an observer, you can look for the offers that are given to make space for new models. And if you are creative, you can add to the garment applications or embellishments that make it unique. If you do not have that grace, you can ask for help from a relative or friend (or friend) who has that facility.

9.Do not buy just for the brand

Many of the brands are seasonal or fashion. You can get generic clothes that at a much more reasonable cost, offers us the same styles. Dress well and current currents do not have to bleed your wallet. Also, not all styles are for all people, so what you see very well in others can be fatal in your person.

10.Find the months of offer

In the changes of season and after the festivities of the end of the year the stores put very attractive offers. Take advantage of these occasions to renew your wardrobe and save.

By following these tips you can master the art of buying a wardrobe without having an anxiety attack. Set aside a day in which you can dedicate yourself to make these purchases and remember, all Intelligent Buyer investigates, compares and chooses.








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