10 Tips for choosing and buying women’s clothing

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The last entry dedicated to giving ten tips for men to buy our clothes without dying in the attempt. So that I am not accused of being an emulator of Rufus Excalibur Ffolkes, now I give ten tips for women to make their purchases by saving (and that this is not a subsidiary of Harper’s Bazaar or Cosmopolitan).

1.Create a shopping background.

By setting aside every week or fortnight of your income for the purchase of clothes, shoes, and accessories, you give yourself a budget that you control. An additional advantage is not having to buy anything with cards, so leave them at home! Now, do not exaggerate in the creation of this fund, but you will end up without money at the end of the week. Finally, when shopping, stick to this budget.

2.Buy what accentuates and harmonizes with your complexion and figure .

Take into account your color of skin, hair and eyes, just as you figure when choosing clothes. An error that is committed is to buy what we see looks good in others, without taking into account that your complexion is different from yours.

a.Blondes look good in navy blue, chestnuts in red and redheads in olive tree.

b.Clear skin goes well with medium color tones. Pastel colors enhance brown skin.

3.Avoid passing fashions as much as possible .

Instead of seeing you cut with the same scissors, look for your own identity. The fashions are quite fleeting and expensive. Make the most of your money in clothes that make you look super without sacrificing your budget. Part of what should be in your wardrobe is:

a.A black plain dress. It is a timeless classic.

A black plain dress
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b.Smooth blouses. You can use the sleeveless ones, with three-quarter sleeves and long sleeves. In this way, you will have more with less.

c.Find the shirt brand that best feels your figure and get several colors.

d.Jeans. Clear for the day and dark (Obvious, I know) for the night.

4.Do not buy on impulse.

Be clear that it is what you need or want and be firm with yourself and only buy that. Do not buy just because you bring money and do not get carried away by emotion. Buy only what is undoubtedly the best.

5.Check the quality of the garments.

Test the quality of the fabric and the overall construction of the garment. Check that the closures, buttons, and hems are in good condition. I recommend that you look for clothes that are easy to care for and do not use dry cleaning. The last thing you need is high-cost maintenance clothes. Do not buy clothes that do not have the care label and always follow their instructions so that your clothes last longer.

6.Always try on the clothes.

There may be extreme size variations from manufacturer to manufacturer. Only in the pants have been up to ten centimeters of variation in the waist. Take several clothes and try them on. Do not buy anything that is too small, even if you intend to lose weight later or buy it so loose that it makes you look bigger.

Always try on the clothes.
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7.Choose varied and suitable accessories for your wardrobe.

The accessories work wonders with your wardrobe. Even the simplest blouses or dresses are accentuated by the right accessories. Get long earrings, necklaces, belts, and scarves and use them to highlight your clothes. This simple trick will also give the impression that your wardrobe is wider.

8.Be aware of the special seasons of the stores.

On long weekends for holidays, holidays (mother’s day, Christmas, etc.) and seasonal changes, most stores put very attractive specials. Visit the stores at this time and see when the offers commonly start, so you can go to the beginning of these and take advantage of the fact that the merchandise is not so chosen.

9.Buy used.

Many of the clothes that are sold online, stores and secondhand balances are obtained in very good condition and at a fraction of the cost. Venture!

10.Recycle your clothes and exchange with your friends.

Surely you have clothes in your closet and drawers that you no longer wear or maybe you never released. Talk to your friends and family and have an exchange meeting. Apart from getting current, you can get clothes that you like and stay and the best, without spending anything.

Recycle your clothes
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