Five Reasons why you Might Want to Build an Extension

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Whether you have been eyeing up some of the amazing architecture on television shows like grand designs, or have your heart set on a traditional look like these oak framed extensions there are many reasons why it is beneficial to build an extension on your home – here are just a few of them…

You Love your Home – If you really love everything about your home but just don’t quite have enough space then this is a great reason to have an extension built. Getting to keep the home that you love is a big factor in why so many people choose to have an extension built on their home.

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Kids are Getting Older – or there are more of them! – One of the big reasons for building an extension is to accommodate family life. If your family has grown since you moved in, now might be the time to add that extension. Needs of kids also change as they get older, and you might want to give them more space to play or separate bedrooms as they grow up.

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As an investment – A well planned out and well-built extension can really raise the value of your home. If you want to increase the value of your property, have a look at other homes in the area that have had extensions built and see what they are valued at. An estate agent would be able to give you an idea of how much the value of the property could increase by.

You want to rearrange the Layout of the Home – If you love your home but not the layout of it so much, then an extension could provide you with that space that you need to change the layout and design of your home, so that you can make it more fitting with your needs and lifestyle.

You like the Area that you live in – You know what they say – location location location. If you love the area that you live in this counts for a lot and in this case, it is better to build an extension to improve your home rather than moving to an area with a bigger house but an area you are not keen on or isn’t suited to your needs.

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