How to make a constructive dismissal claim

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For the most part, we can expect to go to work, do our job well, or at least to the best of our abilities and take some holiday. However, there are circumstances where the relationship between ourselves and the employer can become strained or even break down. One such example is when we are removed from a position or make a decision to leave because we feel there is no other option open to us. This is where we can consider a Constructive Dismissal Claim.  Contact Employment Law Friend if you feel that you are currently, or have been recently in that position.

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Constructive dismissal is centered around how an employee treats you. If differs from Unfair dismissal in that it relates purely on the situation that the employer puts you under. If you feel that the employer has made you feel as if leaving is the only option, and there is no good reason for you to do so, then you can look into making a claim.

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Any important point to remember is that if you do feel in this position that you should resign and leave straight away. If you try and fight to stay in the role the employer can argue that you accept the conditions that you are under. These can be unreasonable hours or changes to the terms and conditions of your contract. It may also be where the employer turns a blind eye to how other staff members are treating you even after you’ve raised a concern.

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