Three Popular Horse Breeds in the UK and Their Personalities

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Horses are beautiful creatures and as well as dogs have been alongside mankind for centuries. Whether riding out to battle with Roman Soldiers or pulling machinery on farmland, we have a lot to thank the hard-working horses for. Of course nowadays, most horses are kept for leisure and companionship rather than for performing jobs – but humans still have a love for them which has not waned – for example, you can still find beautiful works of art like these bronze horse sculptures by paying tribute to these beautiful beings.

If you are currently thinking about getting a horse of your own or are just very interested in the many breeds of horses that are out there, here are a few popular breeds which are around today…

Thoroughbred – Something that a lot of people enjoy is a day at the races – watching the beautiful horses gallop past really gives you a good idea of the speed and strength that these beautiful animals possess. The horse breed that is used in horse racing is of course the thoroughbred. It is a breed that originated around the 17th century in England, and as well as being incredibly fast, it is also agile, making it a great horse for competitions such as agility.

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Arabian – This is an incredibly old breed – its heritage goes back thousands of years, and it is believed to be around 4,500 years old! As the name suggests, it originated in Arabia and its popularity has certainly stood the test of time! Of course, there is good reason for this – it is a highly intelligent horse breed, which can pick up new skills very quickly and works well with its trainer. Of course, because it is incredibly intelligent it is recommended for more experienced riders as it is also very strong willed, so needs a good handler to work with. It has great endurance, so is often a favourite of people who enjoy long walks and treks but is also bright and agile enough to be used in competitive riding such as dressage.

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Shire Horse – These beautiful horses are very large and incredibly strong. Weighing in often at over 1000kg, they are a lot larger than most other breeds, but they are also very gentle. They were originally bred in England for the heavy-duty work that they could perform, from pulling canal boats to towing farm machinery. Nowadays we have machines for that of course, but they remain popular due to their calm and easy-going nature, which makes them a great choice for a less confident and experienced rider. Because they are both strong and possess great stamina, they are ideal horses for long woodland walks and for enjoying a relaxed plod through the countryside. Perfect for someone who is new to horse riding and wants to get to know it and become more familiar with it at a gentle and relaxed pace.

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