What Different Bathing Aids Are Available?

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Bathing aids are a variety of products that make it easier for people with limited mobility to take a full bath or shower. Some bathing aids are inflatable, allowing caregivers to bathe the patient without having to move them. Others are designed to make the task easier for individual use while conserving energy. Regardless of the reason for needing a bathing aid, most people enjoy taking a bath or shower at least once a day and it’s important for hygiene as well as feeling better.

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A leg lifter is a hand held nylon strap with a loose loop around the foot that lifts the leg. This product is a great bathing aid for those with limited mobility, such as people who need assistance getting into and out of the tub. Bath lifts can also be installed to help make access easier. Other essential bathing aids include grab rails and these can be installed using suction cups to make them easily adjustable. Non-slip bath mats are essential too. For advice on Bathing Aids, visit Ability Superstore

Tap turners are especially useful for those with weakness who are unable to apply the necessary pressure to turn taps on and off.

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Another type of bathing aid is a swivel bather. These bathing aids are designed to provide a comfortable leaning surface while in the tub. Some are made of foam and are inflatable. However, it is important to make sure that these products fit in the bath. In addition, you should check the size of your bath before buying one to make sure it fits safely.


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