How we deal with chemical spills

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Chemicals are extremely good at creating the modern world and making it easier for us. However, they can also create an issue if they escape into areas that we do not want them to be. If this happens it’s time to use some Spill Kits to make sure that the mess is kept to a minimum. Chemicals can have a very detrimental effect on public health. It’s why we have created the COSHH regulations. This stands for Care of substances hazardous to health. It is a national set of regulations created by the Health and Safety executive. Here are the rules that companies and industries must adhere to if they have to use any particular set of chemicals.

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The first stage is to find out what risks are posed by the chemicals that you will be using. This takes the form of risk assessments.  Appointed individuals in the organisation will have the responsibility of checking what risks there may be and completing an official form and declaration.

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This is just the first part. Following the risk assessment staff training will need to be put in place. This is usually conducted every three to four months as a refresher course to confirm understanding. Adequate handling provision also needs to be made and the staff have to have access to the correct storage and transporting equipment. This also includes mixing levels and how much of the chemical can be applied to ensure its safe use.

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