How to accessorize a black dress for a wedding

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Do you think you can’t wear black to a wedding? Let’s dismantle myths! If you have already done an exercise to define your personal style and black is the color that suits you the most, there is no reason to relegate it to the background. To do this, the first thing is to know how to compliment a black dress for a wedding without dying trying.

Black is a sign of elegance, sophistication, and good taste. Therefore, wearing it to a wedding can give that different touch to the rest of the guests. It’s time to dismantle the myth of bad luck that is always associated with this type of tone in a link.

The black dress, a controversial topic

In matters of protocol, it seems that wearing a black dress to a wedding is still not very well seen.

However, if you are sure that this is your color, there is really no objective reason that prevents you from wearing it as you see fit.

Well combined, it can be a style that attracts attention and turn you into one of the best-dressed of guests. For this, the accessories are the ones that will make a difference one hundred percent.

How to accessorize a black dress for a wedding

Next, we leave you some ideas of accessories with which you can combine your black dress if you are going to go to a link. You will see that it is easier than you think!

If we talk about the perfect footwear to combine with your black dress, there are colors that will highlight the tone even more and will favor you. This is the case with shoes in burgundy tones, a very sophisticated tone that will complete your look and elevate it even more.

In the event that you prefer to opt for neutral tones, you can choose a stiletto in a nude tone and leave all the prominence to the dress. You choose!

Sophisticated jewelry or costume jewelry

Jewelry is an important part of completing any look. If you don’t know how to compliment a black dress for a wedding, choose the jewelry you are going to wear well and they alone will take care of doing the rest.

Pay the utmost care to the earrings, as they are the ones that will attract the most attention in the event that you have chosen to wear an updo. Opt better for golden tones if your skin tends to be brown and for silver, if you are whiter. You can also include an elegant short chain if the neckline allows it. For example, if the dress is strapless or has a sober V-neckline

Choosing the best handbag

Another accessory that serves to give prominence to your look is the handbag. At a wedding, we can never forget this essential accessory. It will be the perfect place to store our makeup, keys or mobile and not have everything in hand, as this will detract from the elegance of our styling.

Choose a bag in the same tone in which you are going to wear the shoes and the choice will be perfect. If you prefer, you can also choose to add a touch of color and combine the colors with each other. For example, if we have chosen burgundy shoes, it is a good idea to give a touch with the nude color bag and go a little out of line. In this way, we will subtract prominence from the black of the dress.

Dare with the hat

If it is a day wedding, there is no reason why you cannot dare with the hat. In fact, the black color is more indicated for the night so, if you have decided to try how it looks on you, the touch of the hat will give it a much more daytime and sophisticated air.

Choose one in muted, basic tones. For example, nude with some detail that refers to other colors of your look. Do not choose a black one, otherwise, we will go from being wedding guests to looking like we went to a funeral. Remember that there is a thin line that we cannot cross under any circumstances.

Makeup, better neutral

Makeup is best left in the background. If you are a regular in red lipstick, for example, it is better than the rest of the face go in very soft tones, as a kind of washed face effect. In the event that you like more nude shades of lipstick, such as beige or light brown, we can give our eyes a slightly more powerful touch, but never load them with black.

If you are going to wear a black dress to the wedding, it is so that the leading role is 100% of the styling. The rest of the accessories, such as makeup, should support it and help it shine, but never steal its position. Plus, you might otherwise look too stuffy. Better to avoid exaggeration.

Something above, yes or no?

In the event that the wedding is at night or during the day but it is not yet too hot to go in suspenders or bare, we can choose to include some accessories so as not to get too cold.

It is better to avoid jackets or other types of clothing that completely cover the look. It is better to choose a fine scarf or a shawl to give the style an even more sophisticated touch. If you opt for the shawl, it is better that it be in nude tones, always taking into account the rest of the colors of the outfit. Never choose a black shawl, as it will be too black and it will become blocky.

With these simple tips, you are ready to complement a black dress for a wedding. The decision is up to you: Do you dare with one of the colors banished by nature in the links? It will be an adventure and it will help you get to know yourself better. Also, maybe you serve as an inspiration for the rest of the guests.

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