How was your life without the Internet?

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Today we dedicate the post to our main tool of work, without which today we could not live. Guess what we’re talking about? Well, that. From the NETWORK with capital letters, the network of networks … INTERNET. And we want to talk about the Internet today because May 17 is World Internet Day. life without the internet is impossible.

What did people do when the Internet did not exist?

We are going to see some of the things that we remember and that people did before having Internet at home, on the computer, on the tablet, on the mobile phone. life without the internet is impossible.

Send postcards

A very good habit that unfortunately is being lost . Going on a trip, choosing a postcard, writing something and putting a stamp on it was something unique. The person who wanted it to know how we were doing on the trip kept it as gold in cloth. Of course, they could arrive or not, or arrive when the traveler had already returned from the trip . You could not explain yourself much because the space to write was minuscule but it had its charm. Now we send free messages by WhatsApp that are received instantly. But what about the illusion of receiving the postcard that you expect?postcard

Write love letters

how romantic was that  who does not keep in a box those letters that his lover sent him years ago? That young person now does not understand, has lost the romanticism of expressing in a letter of your own handwriting your most intimate feelings. Now send a message by Whatsapp  And that’s all . Sure which is more practical but less special, do not you think?

Find telephone booths and wait to call your mother, your boyfriend

if you wanted to contact someone because you were looking for a telephone booth in the street. You took all the coins out of your wallet and called, hoping they were home and picked it up. Not to mention calling in a cabin at rush hour. If you wanted to talk to your boyfriend ,to wait until the inside did not take long to finish your call . The hours that we will have spent waiting for us to call and queuing in a cabin! Now: everything is much simpler and faster, again the WhatsApp connects us with whoever we want. Not to mention the free calls through the network with Skype.  life without the internet is impossible.telephone booths

Take photos with dropper

Before the cameras were not digital, they had reels of a limited number of photos that cost a paste and that had to ration to the maximum . For that reason, you had to choose very well what picture you were going to make and do it very carefully. Because you could not see either the result or knowing if it had been good or bad to repeat it . You had to shoot and trust your good eye . Now We not only shoot photos as if there were no tomorrow . We also do it indiscriminately and, sometimes, we photograph everything . We can also see them instantly on the camera or mobile phone and they are stored on the card. Where hundreds of images fit that we later hang on the Internet. Instagram for example.

Spend hours and hours in the library

The hours we spent in a library looking for information for a job or documentation of some kind and where were you looking for? That was the place where you could find what you were looking for (or not …), yes, always after spending hours and hours searching through books and more books, reading and writing! because of course, you could not do “copy and paste”, if you found what you were looking for, you had to transcribe it in your notes, make hundreds of photocopies to take home or memorize it …Now:simply enter Google, type what you want or what you want to inform you, select what most convinces you and … to cut and paste! In just a few minutes you can have all the information you need. Of course, university jobs will no longer be the same for sure, and how well did we spend in a group while compiling all this information? Library

Book a trip in a travel agency

If you wanted to go on a trip, book a flight or a hotel, then you would go through all the agencies in the city looking for the best trip at the best price before deciding on one. It took you days to book a plane or a hotel and it was quite an adventure. You also had to put imagination and faith, because the agency showed you everything in brochures with a photo in which you hardly saw anything and you had to trust your opinion about the hotel, for example, knowing that I had not been never there! Now: We make any reservation of whatever is instantly from the tablet, computer or mobile in any online agency or on the website of the hotel or airline directly. And we compare it with other options in seconds, we see opinions from travelers.

Make photo album

You pasted the photos that you revealed with great care in a photo album that you kept on the shelf and that nobody else would ever see you  (unless it was the wedding one ). Now: We take pictures without stopping with our phones and we have them there always stored to see them and show them when we want, at any time or situation . “Look at my boy how handsome he is and how he has grown”.  life without the internet is impossible.Make photo album

Write everything in the personal diary

Your diary was your most precious object, you did not let anyone see you and where you wrote what happened to you and you hid at the moment so that nobody could access your most private secrets and confessions. Now : you set up a blog and every day you tell something about yourself, about your life . Hoping that you will read it as many more people, and that they share it clearly, and that your whole life will be displayed on the Internet so that everyone will know what is happening. do in every moment.  life without the internet is impossible.


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