Rural Internet, all options (from satellite to WiMAX)

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A summary of all rural internet options. So you can have a broadband connection in the countryside, a town or anywhere where ADSL does not arrive.

The rural environment is a separate world as far as the internet is concerned . ADSL operators usually advertise prices and speeds that only exist in large cities. Outside of them, the ADSL is slow or nonexistent and fiber optic is not expected. But if you live in the countryside or in a small town, there are also ways to connect to the internet. A whole range of technologies makes what is called the “rural internet” a reality.

Although there are exceptions, connections similar in cost or performance to capitals are rarely achieved. We must assume that generally the speeds are lower (although sufficient for many uses ), usually higher prices and there may be some limitations . There are no perfect solutions, but there are solutions.

ADSL rural or indirect

Indirect ADSL is not always considered a rural Internet connection, but it is the situation that exists in many small populations. It happens when the telephone cable arrives that allows us to have ADSL, but Movistar is the only operator available. However, we can contract other companies that offer us internet services through the ADSL network of Movistar. Indirect coverage offers are usually more expensive or slower than direct coverage offers. Anyway, an ADSL with which we receive more than 1 Mb may be acceptable. And if they reach more than 3 Mb, we can be satisfied. And the prices are not always that high. Here you can see a summary of ADSL offers with indirect coverage .

Mobile Internet (3G and 4G)

For some time now, your mobile phone has only been for making calls . Now it also allows you to connect to the Internet with a smartphone or your computer. With 3G coverage, you can reach speeds of up to 7.2 Mb and with 4G of up to 150 Mb (both figures in ideal conditions, usually are notably lower). Although the coverage of the 4G is still limited: it hardly reaches isolated areas and decreases notably indoors. And if you do not even have 3G, you will have to completely discard this option. You can check our guide on 4G coverage to know if it reaches your area.

The biggest disadvantage of internet connections by mobile is that they have a data limit. So you can not surf uncontrollably if you do not want to exhaust your rate quickly. The advantage is its simplicity since you can use on your computer a connection you have on your smartphone or also a WiFi router.

rural internet


WiMAX is one of the most common technologies among the so-called rural internet. From the beginning, it was conceived for long distance wireless connections. So it is suitable when the traditional telephone line does not reach us. It is necessary to install a small antenna at home that communicates with another of the operator by waves. Your antenna and the operator can be up to 30 kilometers apart . But it is important that there is nothing in between that obstructs the passage of waves .

With WiMAX it is essential that there is an operator in the area that offers coverage. Although being wireless, it does not matter if it is in the countryside or in a town .  There are also options with phone and with maximum speeds of up to 3 Mb.

The satellite

The satellite is the technology for when we do not have access to any other. Even in the most remote place we will have coverage . You only have to install a satellite dish at home that communicates with a satellite thousands of kilometers away. Very similar to what happens with television, but with the ability to send and receive data. Precision is essential, so a professional should perform the installation to ensure proper operation.

In addition to the unlimited coverage, the strong point of the satellite as a rural connection is that it allows speeds of up to 20 Mb . Its consumption is limited to a specific data number. When the limit is exceeded, the speed is reduced to what the company in question establishes for each of its rates. Unlike 4G, it is suitable for watching movies online or downloading files . But without losing sight of the fact that despite being a higher limit, it continues to exist. Although it has a higher latency than other connections such as fiber optic. It is also that the advance of this technology makes it one of the most efficient in terms of connection without wiring.

With Internet satellite of Eurona you will have WiFi in your house at high speed in any part of the national territory. It is the leading company in rural internet, offering live connection where you live. Internet through satellite technology with no download limit, with the ability to connect all devices and navigate from home at high speed with your computer, with your tablet, with your mobile, and without the need for cables.

rural internet

WiFi 5G or Rural WiFi

Like WiMAX, this wireless rural internet solution also requires installing an antenna at home . Its name is due to the fact that it uses waves that are very similar to those of domestic WiFi . But are prepared for communications at a greater distance (about 15-20 kilometers). They are waves with frequencies different from those of the usual WiFi (5 GHz, instead of 2.4 GHz), with higher power and a more robust connection in general (as defined by the 802.11a standard, instead of the common 802.11bog).

An alternative solution using WiFi is to create yourself a network to distribute a connection from the city to other areas where ADSL does not reach.

rural internet

Which is better?

If you have an ADSL connection with a minimally acceptable speed, it is best to stay with it. But if the ADSL does not reach you or your speed is insufferable, then it will depend on the situation.

For specific uses, the mobile can be a simple solution if you have good 3G coverage and especially if you get the 4G. If you make more intensive use of the network, then WiMAX or WiFi 5G can work well without having data limits. And when you do not have access to any other type of technology, the satellite is always an option at the cost of a higher price and a limit on the traffic you can consume at maximum speed.

Keep in mind that all these rural internet technologies work better or worse depending on the specific conditions of the installation and the area. So some can work very well and others not so much.



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