Why a School Website is so Important

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Choosing the right school for a child is one of the most important decisions for a parent. When it comes to choosing a school, making sure that you do plenty of research into local schools is something that helps to get a balanced view of the schools in the area and also get an idea of which is best suited to the child.

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Using the internet to look things up is something that has made life much more convenient, and this includes choosing a school. In order to move with the times, it is important for schools to make sure that their websites are up to date and reflect the school positively. Getting a professional like this websites for schools company https://www.fsedesign.co.uk/websites-for-schools/ to build the site is important to ensure that it looks its best.

As well as the website looking attractive and welcoming, it must also be easy to use. In order for people to find out the information that they want it needs to be well organised and well laid out so that it is easy to access the information required.

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The information on the site itself is also something that needs to be up to date as well as accessible. From communications with parents, updates from governors and lunch menus, to Ofsted reports and information on upcoming school trips – a website can be a valuable resource when used correctly, both for prospective parents, pupils and the school itself too!

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